Vietnam’s digital transformation could bring economic value of US$74 billion

International Business News  –  According to the data in the report “Interpretation of Vietnam’s Digital Technology Potential”, if fully utilized, digital transformation can bring Vietnam up to US$74 billion in economic value annually by 2030.

The report emphasizes that in order to achieve the goal of bringing economic revenue up to US$74 billion through digital transformation, Vietnam must focus on three pillars: developing the domestic technology ecosystem, creating an attractive e-commerce environment, and improving the digital skills of university students and workers.

According to the Google Southeast Asia Digital Economy Report, Vietnam is still an investment paradise for start-ups. In recent years, investors have paid increasing attention to digital technology startups.

More than a year after the Prime Minister of Vietnam approved the “National Digital Transformation in 2025, and Vision 2030” plan, Vietnam has achieved impressive preliminary results in digital transformation in various fields, especially the digital transformation of state agencies, enterprises and people awareness continues to increase.