Vietnam is an important link in Asia’s supply chain

International Business News  –  Vietnam is becoming an important link in Asian supply chains and a new destination for companies that need to diversify their supply chains. Multiple multinational groups continue to see Vietnam as an attractive investment destination. Among them, the number of high-tech groups is increasing. This is how the international media recently viewed Vietnam.

Japan’s Nikkei Asia reported that Vietnam is attracting many of the world’s major chipmakers. In addition to Apple, Samsung, and Panasonic, which are expanding their scale, Synopsys, an American company, recently stated that it will establish a chip design center in Vietnam and provide support for engineer training.

Notably, Vietnam is attracting more high-tech manufacturing companies. According to Retail news, Boeing hopes to develop Vietnam’s supply chain by adding some Vietnamese companies to its supplier list.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Briefing magazine recently published an article titled “Why Vietnam is an Attractive Investment Destination for US Businesses in Asia”, stating that Vietnam has low-cost professional and technical human resources, a stable foundation facilities, a safe environment and multiple free trade agreements. This is the investment destination that American investors are looking for.