Let digital benefit more Thailand people

International Business News  –  As Thailand further eases entry restrictions, the tourist resort island of Phuket is back in action. A local businessman saw the timing and acquired a hotel that had been closed for two years due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Renovation of the hotel requires the installation of a series of digital hardware and software equipment such as network, monitoring, and guest room registration system. Under the recommendation of local digital equipment agents in Phuket, local businessmen chose Chinese equipment. “I have been using it for more than a month, and the effect is very good. The quality of the Chinese brand is excellent.”

The product manager of a local digital equipment agency said the company cooperates with dozens of network equipment companies and Chinese brands are popular in Thailand. “Take New H3C Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, this Chinese company has only entered the Thai market in just three years, and has sold more than 20,000 routers, switches and other network equipment, and its customers are all over Thailand, including the government, hospitals, Hotels and other institutional venues have really promoted the digital transformation of Thailand.” Chiang Mai Governor Bazon Basatun said that the technology and equipment of Chinese companies are helping the digital transformation of Thailand’s non-capital areas, especially remote areas. , “Let Digitization Benefit More Thai People”.

In promoting the development of tourism in Thailand, Chinese digital technology has played an active role. On August 8, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Huawei Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding on the digital transformation and innovative development of smart tourism, aiming to promote the application of technologies such as 5G, cloud, artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the local tourism industry. Yutasak, director of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, said that Thailand’s tourism industry is at a critical stage of recovery. The introduction of digital technology is very important to enhance the market competitiveness of Thailand’s tourism products. Chinese digital technology helps Thailand develop smart tourism and promote the digital upgrade of tourism.

The rapid development of Thailand’s smart hospitals is also inseparable from China’s digital technology support. At the century-old Siriraj Hospital in Thailand, staff are putting medicine boxes into the 5G unmanned medicine cart and operating the 5G medicine dispenser. With the support of the 5G Smart Hospital Project, Siriraj Hospital has recently started to experiment with artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis and telemedicine, and medical services are undergoing a comprehensive intelligent transformation.

Chinese technology is also helping to develop modern agriculture in Thailand. On a field monastery in Lai Yai province in northeastern Thailand, a Thai farmer is concentrating on spraying pesticides with an agricultural plant protection drone. He said the use of drones can help farmers improve efficiency. The pesticide spraying by hand does not exceed 10 rai (equivalent to 24 acres) of paddy fields a day, but the drone can spray 40 to 50 rai of paddy fields a day. A farmer in Chumphon province, southern Thailand, uses a DJI agricultural plant protection drone from China to catch and kill pests in his durian orchard. “The biggest change brought by the drones is that the work has become easier and the spraying operation is safer and more efficient.”

Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society recently co-organized a Thai startup competition with Chinese agencies to support Thai science and technology start-ups and tap into the digital workforce. The competition has been held in Thailand for three consecutive years. Thai media commented that Thailand has been increasing its efforts to train digital talents, driven by Chinese technology companies. Thai Minister of Digital Economy and Society Chaibu said that digital transformation is an important driver of Thailand’s economic growth, to which the Thai government attaches great importance, and that “digitalization is the future of Thailand’s economy and a new direction for Sino-Thai cooperation.”