Jakarta-Bandung high-speed trains are officially sent to Indonesia

International Business News  –  On August 21, 11 sets of high-speed EMUs and 1 set of comprehensive inspection trains exported from China to Indonesia for the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway were successfully loaded at Qingdao Port and sent to Indonesia by sea. This is the first batch of trains of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway, marking the official departure of my country’s first high-speed train exported to foreign countries.

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway is a landmark project of the “Belt and Road” construction and the pragmatic cooperation between China and Indonesia. It is also the first overseas construction project of my country’s high-speed railway in the whole system, all elements and the whole industry chain. The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed EMU and comprehensive inspection train are led by China Railway International Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Railway Group, and designed and manufactured by Sifang Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CRRC. It is the first high-speed rail train exported by my country. The train is tailor-made for the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway using Chinese standards, with a maximum operating speed of 350 kilometers per hour, 4-moving, 4-tracting, and 8-car formation. Relying on the advanced and mature technology of Fuxing Chinese standard EMUs, it adapts to the local operating environment and line conditions in Indonesia, and integrates the local culture of Indonesia. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, safety and intelligence, strong environmental adaptability, and distinctive local characteristics.

The trains of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project, including 11 sets of high-speed EMUs and 1 set of comprehensive inspection trains, have been manufactured in CRRC Sifang. This time, the first batch of delivery vehicles of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway will be loaded and shipped from Qingdao Port. It is expected to arrive at the Jakarta Port in Indonesia at the end of August, and will be transported to the Bandung De Kaluer bullet train section by road transportation. The remaining vehicles are scheduled to be shipped in batches by early 2023.

According to reports, the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail trains are shipped from Qingdao to the De Kaluer train station in Bandung, Indonesia. They need to be transported by sea and land. The journey is long and the road conditions are complicated. The whole process of vehicle disassembly, protection, hoisting, transportation and other links is planned, and line surveys and simulated transportation drills are carried out in advance, and high-standard protective measures are adopted to ensure the safety of vehicle transportation. After the vehicle arrives in the local area, the marshalling, commissioning and delivery will be carried out one after another.

The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway connects the Indonesian capital Jakarta and the famous tourist city Bandung, with a total length of 142 kilometers and a maximum design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The entire line adopts Chinese technology and Chinese standards. After completion, it will become the first high-speed railway in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.