Vietnam’s tea export ranks fifth in the world

International Business News  –  According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, currently the area of tea planting in Vietnam is 123,000 hectares, with an average yield of nearly 9,500 kilograms per hectare. The output of fresh tea tip reached 1.02 million tons. Vietnam ranks fifth in the world in tea export and seventh in tea production.

Vietnamese tea products have been exported to 74 countries and regions in the world, with the main export markets being Pakistan, China, Russia and Indonesia. Among them, the Chinese market accounts for 12-15% of Vietnam’s tea exports.

Vietnam’s tea products are increasingly rich and diverse, ensuring quality and meeting the needs of domestic and foreign consumers.

At present, there are more than 170 varieties of Vietnamese tea, with special aroma and mellow taste, which are favored by consumers, such as green tea, oolong tea, fragrant tea, herbal tea and so on.

Due to the increasingly stringent requirements for products in the international market, various tea regions have carried out tea production in accordance with the direction of organic production, making contributions to protecting the health of tea farmers and consumers, moving towards green agriculture and achieving sustainable development.