Can Malaysia resume broiler exports?

International Business News  –  The Malaysian government will review the ban on broiler exports next week to decide whether to resume broiler exports.

According to reports, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail said on August 13 that after the government’s intervention measures, the supply of broiler chickens in Malaysia has been restored and is very sufficient; although the retail ceiling price set by the government is RM9.40 per kilogram, broiler chickens in some areas are currently available prices have dropped to RM7.50 per kilo, or even RM7. Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Ronald Jiandi will present a report on broiler supply and demand to the Cabinet next week to decide whether to resume broiler exports.

When asked about the current broiler market situation in Malaysia, Ismail said after attending the Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-Tourism Exhibition that day: “If the export of broilers is resumed, the monthly export volume will be 3.6 million, and the government is worried that it will affect the domestic broiler chickens. The supply has led to an increase in chicken prices, so it is necessary to hold a meeting to discuss in depth to protect the interests of all parties.”

Ismail pointed out that the Malaysian government’s current priority is to revive the country’s economy and focus on people’s livelihood issues. The cabinet will discuss price issues every week to ensure that it will not cause too much burden on the people. The Malaysian government has previously stated that it will allow the price to float freely after the end of the broiler price ceiling on August 31, while exploring whether to lift the broiler export ban.

From June 1 this year, Malaysia has suspended the export of about 3.6 million live chickens per month to stabilize domestic broiler supply and prices. After a number of government control measures, Malaysia’s broiler production is now oversupplied. Chicken farmers have repeatedly urged the government to lift the export ban as soon as possible and resume broiler exports to Singapore, so as not to be replaced by other suppliers in the Singapore market.