Indonesia’s largest container port in Kalimantan inaugurated

International Business News  –  On August 9, Indonesian President Joko attended the inauguration ceremony of Kiying Container Port in Nang Barwa Regency, West Kalimantan Province.

At present, it is the largest container port in the world’s largest island – Kalimantan, with an average annual handling capacity of more than 1.95 million TEUs and an average annual cargo throughput of 28 million tons, an increase of 500,000 TEUs and 8 million tons respectively compared to the previous one.

Joko revealed that with a total investment of 2.9 trillion rupees (US$195 million), the Keying container port will facilitate domestic and international markets to transport key commodities such as Kalimantan crude palm oil, bauxite and alumina.

Joko instructed Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing to upgrade the roads around the container port to allow unimpeded access for large-tonnage trucks and container trucks.

According to Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Eric, the operationalization of the Keying container port will help consolidate the country’s port ecosystem and logistics services, while helping to develop the processing industry.

Located along the Karimata Strait, the Keying Container Port is directly connected to Sumatra, Singapore and Malaysia. This is one of Indonesia’s national strategic projects.