China-Laos railroad could help Thailand’s exports to China grow

International Business News  –  According to a new research report by the Thai Capital Think Tank, China is an important trade partner country for Thailand, especially in agricultural and food trade cooperation is an indispensable presence, Thai media reported on August 8.

According to the Ministry of Commerce’s 2021 data, Thailand’s agricultural and food exports to China are worth 380 billion baht, accounting for 26.7% of the country’s total agricultural and food exports.

According to Thai-King think tank, if Thailand can make full use of the China-Laos railroad, then Thai trade with China will add at least another 4 billion baht of export value each year. If Thailand’s railroad construction progresses faster, it is expected that the export trade to China will increase by no less than 10 billion baht in the next 3-5 years.

The Ministry of Transport of Thailand has already confirmed that a delegation will be formed to study the China-Laos-Thailand Railway in Laos from late August to early September.