Malaysia further eases entry policy

International Business News  –  The Ministry of Health of Malaysia announced that from August 1, all foreign nationals entering Malaysia, including Singaporeans, do not need to fill in the passenger card through the epidemic prevention mobile application MySejahtera before entering the country. Previously, only Malaysian citizens returning to Malaysia did not need to fill in the form.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic in Malaysia is showing signs of recovery, Health Minister Hayri  said on July 30 that Malaysia’s health system is currently in a good and controlled state, so it has decided to simplify the epidemic prevention procedures for foreigners entering the country.

Hayri  said in a statement that while entry procedures for foreign travelers have been simplified, the Malaysian Ministry of Health will continue to strengthen surveillance measures at all international entry points. When a passenger arrives, if the thermal sensor detects symptoms such as fever, or if the passenger self-reports that he is unwell, he will be sent to a nearby hospital or clinic for further examination. Once suspected to be infected with viruses such as COVID-19, monkeypox and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), hospitalization is required.

The epidemic situation has improved significantly at the beginning of this year, and Malaysia has gradually relaxed epidemic prevention measures.

According to Malaysia’s previous epidemic prevention regulations, all inbound passengers, including Malaysian citizens and foreigners, must complete the passenger card in MySejahtera before entering the country, and show it to the customs officer when entering to ensure that the passenger completes the health declaration and facilitates the authorities to have issue a home quarantine order when needed.

After the epidemic improved significantly at the beginning of this year, the Malaysian government gradually relaxed epidemic prevention measures, including fully opening the border on April 1, simplifying the epidemic prevention procedures for citizens returning to China from July 4, and canceling the requirement for Malaysians to fill out a passenger card before entering the country.

Malaysia reported 4,860 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on July 29, bringing the total to 4,672,999. 10 deaths were reported that day, bringing the total to 35,956.