Thailand’s durian exports to China have reached more than 500,000 tons

International Business News  –  “Thailand’s durian exports ranked first in the world last year, and China is the main importer of Thai durians. Last year, Thailand exported more than 800,000 tons of durians to China, an increase of 82.4% over 2020 and a record high.” Thai Ambassador to China Atayu said.

Recently, the Thai Embassy in China held a series of activities of the 2022 Thai Durian Carnival in Beijing, bringing durian buffets, interesting durian salons, Thai cultural performances and exhibitions, durian sales, Thai Durian Wonderful Night and other exciting activities themed “Durian” to the public.

After the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into effect in January 2022, China-Thailand fruit trade also ushered in new opportunities, and various customs clearance facilities and measures were quickly realized.

As Atayu said, high-quality Thai durians are very popular among Chinese consumers. According to the data disclosed by the Agricultural Affairs Office of the Thai Embassy in China, in the first half of 2022, the export of Thai durians to China has reached more than 500,000 tons, which is close to the total for the whole year of 2020, and is expected to hit a new record high.

Among the 2022 Thailand Durian Carnival series activities held by the Thai Embassy this time, the “Durian Buffet” section is particularly eye-catching. At the scene, citizens can not only taste fresh durians, but also choose durian ice cream, durian cakes, durian juice and other “durian series” delicacies.

Atayu said that this is the first time for a Thai durian buffet to be held in Beijing, where Chinese consumers can freely taste fresh durians and various types of durian food from Thailand.

Durian is the “king of fruits” in Thailand. As a hot fruit, it is often eaten together by Thais and cool mangosteens to avoid getting angry,” said Patongwati, Minister Counselor of the Agriculture Department of the Thai Embassy in China.

On January 6, 2022, a fruit train loaded with Thai durians arrived at Pingxiang Railway Station in Guangxi. This is the first train to import fruit from ASEAN countries after the entry into force of RCEP at Pingxiang Port in Guangxi. The China-Laos Railway, which will open to traffic at the end of 2021, also makes it possible for Thai fruits to be exported to China through road-rail combined transportation.

Ate, director of the International Trade Research Center of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, said that the time and cost of exporting Thai agricultural products to China have been reduced by about 30% through the combined road and rail transport. In the future, after the Thailand section of the railway is connected to the China-Laos railway, it is expected that the goods exported to China will save about 60% of the transportation time and cost.

The event will be held in two venues, Beijing Blue Harbor and Chia Tai Center, and will last until July 22.