Vietnam has become one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia for online shopping

International Business News  –  On average, Vietnamese consumers place 104 online shopping orders per year, and Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing countries in Southeast Asia for online shopping. It is reported that consumers in Southeast Asia place an average of 66 orders per year.

Vietnamese consumers shop online for a wide variety of products, mainly FMCG, clothing and footwear.

The above data is proposed in a cross-border e-commerce business research report jointly released by Southeast Asia Logistics Technology Company and DPD Group, an international express delivery network under French Post. The report was conducted in six ASEAN countries including Singapore,  Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

According to the 2022 E-commerce Index (EBI) report released by the Vietnam Electronic Commerce Association (VECOM), thanks to the control of the domestic epidemic in Vietnam and the growth driver of the second wave of e-commerce, the growth rate of e-commerce in Vietnam in 2022 may hit a record new highs.