Zhoushan-RCEP aquatic industry virtual expo concludes with intended deals worth more than 2.8 million US dollars

International Business News  –  The 2022 Zhejiang Quality Aquatic Industry (Zhoushan-RCEP) Virtual Expo, sponsored by CCPIT Zhejiang and Zhoushan Municipal People’s Government, and organized by CCPIT Zhoushan and Zhoushan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, concludes on March 25. This is the first virtual aquatic industry expo in Zhejiang oriented specifically for RCEP members. As of March 25, the value of the intended deals has reached more than 2.8 million US dollars.

The virtual expo organized a total of 43 Zhoushan export enterprises of aquatic products to participate, attracting 37 overseas buyers from countries including Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea and held 126 “one-to-one” matchmaking meetings through the ZOOM platform. During the 5-day expo, buyers paid keen attention to aquatic products such as tuna, squid, octopus, shrimp, and shellfish. Through quality products showcase, supply and demand information releases, video negotiations, and real-time offline events by Zhoushan exhibitors, the exhibition and matchmaking sessions are completed.

Since the beginning of this year, guided by the CPC municipal committee and the municipal government, CCPIT Zhoushan has actively sought the right from CCPIT Zhejiang to organize the Zhejiang Quality Aquatic Industry (Zhoushan-RCEP) Virtual Expo. Two virtual expos have been held from January to March this year, receiving wide support from fisheries associations of RCEP members, such as the Japan Fisheries Association and Thailand Fisheries Association. Nearly 100 companies from Zhoushan participated in the expo, more than 200 “one-to-one” matchmaking meetings were held, and the estimated order volume exceeded 7 million US dollars.